As a responsible breeder, clear genetics and excellent hips and eyes are a priority. That means we will never breed a dog that could pass on any condition that would in any way diminish the quality of life of its puppies.   


Now let's talk about the sweet stuff!  Puppies!


We breed F1b Sheepadoodles and provide Poodle and Old English Sheepdog stud services.


F1 Sheepadoodles bred back into a poodle means that their F1b pups have a greater potential to be hypoallergenic, non-shedding*, and a little bit smaller than F1s.  They have all the love and fun of an OES with the loyalty and smarts of a poodle.

F1 Sheepadoodles bred back into an OES mean that their F1b pups could be a bit bigger dogs, have the potential to grey out, have straighter hair, as well as be more likely to skip the hyper puppy stage and go straight to chill house dog.**



Sheepadoodle pups...

* While we expect all our pups to be non-shedding and hypoallergenic we can not guarantee it.  If you need to be 100% sure we recommend considering a full AKC poodle.

**OES pups will quickly attune themselves to their families.  Their temperament is easygoing with a big desire to please but every dog has its own personality and we absolutely recommend having a well-known trainer lined up in advance for help during the puppy stage.


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Spring 2022 Litter

Born May 2nd, Lena brought six beautiful puppies into the world, with one being reserved, in advance, by heaven.

Pictures will be updated as puppies grow.