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We believe...

Every pup deserves a good family and every good family deserves the right pup.


That's why our house will always be home to puppies and kittens in need of a safe start.  We are partnered with the Humane Society of Central Oregon to care for the tiniest little ones until they can go to their forever homes.  From 24/7 feeding schedules to matching with the best families in Bend, fostering is a part of who we are.  

While adopting from a shelter is always our first recommendation we know that for some families the right pup is very specific.  For members of our own family that means hypoallergenic, for dear friends that means a pup that is guaranteed not to have any genetic markers that would lead to health issues that could be triggering.  And there are a hundred other reasons.  We have done the work to understand the needs and challenges, been back and forth on the best practices, and will help you navigate the choices.

With love, 

Brett, Farrah, Luthien & Lena



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